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Bridging gaps in language and communications to ensure all interests of stakeholders are honoured.

International engagement requires strong language and communication supports in order to ensure effective working relationships and accuracy when representing all interests of stakeholders.

EtairUS is your bridge to the world by providing skilled language and communication skills aimed for a seamless collaboration between local and international partners. Our specialized language and communication services include:

Language Translation (Verbal)

Skilled in translation with a firm grasp on the theory and practice of offering translation services, EtairUS provides direct translation from English to French, and is able to reach out to its extended network around the world to ensure that translation services are available from English to all local languages. EtairUS is able to work alongside partners in important meetings to ensure accurate translation and understanding of all parties.

Language Translation (Written)

By accessing our extended network of translators, we are able to provide detailed and quality written translation services for the translation of documents, public communications, press releases, and other strategic communications.

Strategic Communications 

By understanding local populations and the ways they best receive information, EtairUS works with our partners to design communication strategies for the best impact. We employ skilled communicators and content developers to ensure messaging is clear and concise. Our communication services include social media management, campaign material development, content writing, web development and maintenance, and media, community and public relations.