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Choosing a career with EtairUS will ensure that you will feel like a valued contributor as we work together to achieve success for our global partners. The services of EtairUS require only the most skilled and qualified professionals in order to execute our complex projects with the utmost in quality outcomes for all stakeholders of the work of the US Federal Government and their Contractors in the US and abroad.

EtairUS welcomes skilled professionals to inquire about the availability of opportunities, as our small business is expanding by adding the following professional skills to the team:

Public Health Professionals

From medial practitioners to health information specialists and medical administration specialists, EtairUS is looking for global professionals who can contribute to our growing international network of health care professionals and medical services.

Information Technology and Systems Engineering

Due to the complexity of the work of our partners, EtairUS seeks to employ educated and experienced computer science and systems engineering professionals to aid in the completion of our systems engineering projects.

Environmental Engineers

We value the expertise of those trained and registered as professionals who protect the world’s most important natural resources in order to reduce the environmental impact of international missions. We are interested in those with expertise in waste management, pollution reduction and environmental sustainability in order to help us ensure the health and well-being of populations around the world.

Management Consultants

Dedicated to discovering innovative business strategies that emerge around the world, we seek business strategists and management experts to help us deliver our extensive suite of effectiveness and productivity solutions for our partner’s projects.

Logistics Specialists

We require qualified expertise in logistics management in those who are skilled in finding cost effective, safe and efficient solutions for travel, supply chain management, and equipment logistics.

Language and Communications Specialists

Global presence requires the ability to communicate across languages, continents and cultures. We seek skilled translators who are able to translate from English to a variety of local languages around the world, and provide clear translation back to English. We also require the skills of content writers and strategic communicators to ensure that messaging from international missions is clearly and concisely delivered to local populations around the world.


EtairUS International LLC is an equal employment opportunity small business. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace.